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12 de diciembre de Monica a Sandra
Thanks for your message and excuse the delay in my response. I have been with Paulo in Marrakech, where he has participated as a member of the jury of the 4th International Film Festival of Marrakech.
I wanted to comment two subjects:
1- Royalties: I would to keep a royalty of 6.5% and I would be grateful to know if it is possible for you to make an effort in this sense. My proposal for the advance is 19,500 EUR, with a split payment: half upon signature of the contract and half 60 days after the publication.
This advance is the result obtained on 100,000 copies sold. I hope this is acceptable.
I would be thankful if you could check if our proposal is accepted by Vecernji List. The Alchemist and Eleven Minutes (the novelty by Coelho) will be sold at 3 EUR/copy, approximately 5 times cheaper than in the bookstores. The newspaper will have a big repercussion and benefit.
2- The second matter, which I am quite worried about: there is little time left to the launch and all the materials have to be prepared, the designs of the cover, adverts, promotional texts, etc. We are working with a kiosk collection in Catalan language for Spain, which is also launched in January and we have already approved the covers, presentation materials, etc. They are at present working on a spot.
By the way, I am sending you a sample of their collection, which is very beautiful.
Please confirm that you receive it and let me know about the proposal to be able to make the contract.
Thank you in advance and best regards,
13 de diciembre de Sandra a Monica
Thank you for your email.

I 've talked with Bosko about your comments so let me explain his opinion.

Bosko agrees with the advance you proposed - 19.500 EUR.

However, he kindly ask you to reconsider your proposal about the royalty rate. If we keep 6,5 % royalty rate, we can hardly find any interest for VBZ in the project. We cannot raise the price of the books because the prices of all books (newsstand editions) published by Vecernji list are the same and this is, unfortunately, not negotiable issue with them.

According to all calculations we made, we can find our interest only if we stick to royalty rate of 5,5%. Monica, please take into consideration that royalty rates for all other newsstand editions (of other authors) are lower than 5,5% here in Croatia.

Please let me know if there is possibility that you agree with the advance you suggested + the royalty rate of 5,5%.
Secondly, the marketing campaign should be done by a marketing agency - a whole team. They would start with PR activity around Christmas (Christmas story), announcements of the publication of the book.

In their opinion the campaign should not last for too long and there is no worry they will cover all media in Croatia (and all TV stations - which is most important, especially during the holidays time).

As soon as we sign the contract with you, we can sign the contract with Vecernji list and start working on this project so the covers could be soon sent to you for your approval.

Since all the books will be part of one series of books the covers will look much alike but with different motives.
Monica, could you send me by email covers of Spanish newsstand edition of Paulo Coelho's books and other material they used.
Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,

Sandra Ukalovic
13 de diciembre de Monica a Sandra
Thank you for your e-mail.
We are agree with the advance proposal (19.500 Eur) and the royalty rate of 5,5%.
Please, start working on this project with Vecernji List.
Best regards,

14 de diciembre Patricia a Sandra
I would be really thankful if you would send us a draft of the contract (kiosk editions) for our review. In order to speed up this matter, please send it via email.
Thank you in advance,

Ya tenemos algunas portadas aprobada.

Tienen todo el material de Zahir
22 de diciembre de Monica a Petar
I hope you are well.
Regarding the Zahir, have you had the chance to read the book? Please let me know when the Serbian translation of The Zahir will be ready?
We already have the edited English translation. If you want it, we can

forward it to you. As for the French one, we will have it by the end of January.
At your earliest convenience, please send us your proposal for the marketing plan. If there is anything we can help you with, please let us know. We have already revised most of the plans of The Zahir.
Looking forward to hearing from you,
With best regards,

Lo tiene todo, fotos, promo, símbolos, no contesta nada


22 de diciembre de Christine a Patricia
Tks for your email. Yes, we shall continue to send you our monthly sales reports. As regards the hardcover editions of The Alchemist and The Fifth Mountain, we launched them a fortnight ago at the price of BGN 9.- or EUR 4.50 (which is a 50% increase). We got rather mixed reactions at first, some booksellers were complaining of the high price but sales figures for the first two weeks are similar to those of the paperback edition. I think that people are getting used to the new price and since the edition is very beautiful, we hope it will make a nice Christmas present. Our artist says he is working on the new library project and we shall submit to you the first

drafts next month.

Best wishes for a merry Christmas and a very happy New Year!

December 21 de Patricia a Christine
Thank you for your message.
You are probably right. Every time we receive a message from a reader

saying they can't find a title, we immediately forward it to the corresponding publisher. We think it is good as in this way we guarantee a good distribution. The truth is that yours is excellent.
I have revised your correspondence with Raquel and seen that you usually sent her the monthly sales of Paulo's books. It is very important to us to keep on working in the same line.
The other issue I wanted to talk about is, as we discussed in Frankfurt,the special hard cover editions of "The Alchemist" and "The Fifth Mountain"for the Christmas campaign, also to prepare the change of design in the library.
Can you please keep me updated about this?
Thank you in advance and best regards,

21 de diciembre de Christine a Patricia
We are relly surprised to hear that somebody could not find any of Paulo's books in Sofia. We keep all titles in constant supply - they are all Present in our warehouse and the place where we sell to retailers. Our November sales report indicates steady sales of all titles. The only explanation that comes to mind is that probably this person has checked with a street vendor - as you probably know, books are still sold in the streets in Bulgaria but more and more bookstores are appearing - and the title was missing form the table as they usually buy only a limited amount of


Bookstores are in general well stocked and shortages are a rare


The book trade is unfortunately still rather fragmented and there are not yet big chains of stores or major independent booksellers and we cannot control all the small retailers but we are doing our best to keep an eye on them.

Best regards

2 de diciembre de Patricia a Dimitrina
Please find below a message from a person who has been in Sofia and was searching for Paulo's books to make some presents. He says he could only find "Veronika Decides to Die" and "The Alchemist", but not "The Fifth Mountain". Can you please check if there is any problem with the


Thank you in advance and best regards,


24 de diciembre de Mônica a Gergely
I am contacting you since there are some new ideas regarding the marketing plan of O Zahir I would like to share with you. It is important that we devise a marketing plan aside Paulo's visit. We hope this launch will make Paulo even stronger in Hungary and increase the sales. In each launch we need to consolidate and increase the readership. You must be probably working on updating the campaign of O Zahir, so here the novelties:

Publication date:
The launch of O Zahir in Brazil is on April 2nd, so this is almost a simultaneous launch. I think you can use this information in your campaign for the media and booksellers. The simultaneous launch also implies that the book must achieve an immediate success in Hungary, topping the best seller lists. You have a great responsibility. 

At your earliest convenience, please let us know the initial print run and the retail price.

Genesis of O Zahir:
Paulo is going to write an article titled "The Genesis of O Zahir". Most probably, it will be ready in January, so that you have enough time to secure its publication in a leading national newspaper.

What is your suggestion for the slogan? The slogan chosen by Diogenes is "Every journey is a love story...". The slogan suggested by Bompiani (Italy) is: "But what is there in the empty space of my interior cathedral? Esther, my zahir."

We have great confidence in the pre-publication of a chapter before the launch.  Elle magazine is a great option. Is it going to be a booklet inserted in the magazine or a pre-publication?

Publicity and promotional activities: 

Please let us know when you will place the outdoor promotion and in which cities. When you negotiate this with the advertising agency, they calculate the impact the billboards will have. How many people do they estimate will see the campaign?


In France and Spain radio is extraordinary for book promotion. The publishing houses in both countries have devised a very strong radio campaign. Let me give you more details about the Spanish one. On the same day of the launch they will have 18 mentions in different formats: commercial breaks (spots), sponsorship, and live mentions. They will reach agreements with different radio stations, so that there are direct mentions made by the presenters of the most popular programmes. They of course pay to the stations for it as for the spots, however, since the stations don't agree to this kind of promotion more than a few times a year, it creates an additional impact. Since the format is spontaneous, it is usually always longer than the spot. It will be the first time that live mentions promotion is carried out for Paulo's books. However, even without having checked the results, I believe maybe this is a good idea to share with you.


At your earliest convenience, please send us the calendar of the adverts and promotional activities, specifying the name of the media.

Apart from the website and the promotion with, we think it would be great to buy an alert to subscribers of news/cultural newsletters of one of the major platforms. For instance, Terra online which is aimed at the Spanish-speaking community has a list of more than 500,000 subscribers in Spain. We have heard this kind of promotion is very effective because it reaches the audience that is interested in books and the percentage of people reading the newsletter is really high.

Individual advertising campaign with the book chains and booksellers:
Great you are going to produce a window display for Paulo's library at Libri bookstores. Occupying space at the point of sales is essential. Plastic bags and posters are very good materials for the bookstores. Please keep us updated about the advert campaign with the bookstores, as well as the deals for the outdoor and indoor decoration and catalogues.

In mid-January, we will concrete the details for the plane tickets and hotel accomodation.

Finally, there is another idea I would like you to consider that may work for O Zahir. You could send a copy of the book to some personalities besides
the media before publication in order to get quotes. Can you please let me know your thoughts?

That is all for the time being. I look forward to hearing your comments.

Best wishes for a merry Christmas and a very happy New Year!
Hemos enviado todo, símbolo, fotos...
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